There is a noticeable unrest unraveling from deep within my body. I feel agitated, lethargic, stiff, achy, exhausted, overstimulated…. all the things…
OstarteWatch now (43 min) | A Spring Equinox ritual for balance and alchemy.
And exploration into spring's mythologies.
I love being a woman. In spite of injustices perpetrated since the dawn of time, I wouldn’t give up being a woman for anything. Perhaps my love of my…
A journey into myth, meaning, and ritual.

February 2023

Nitty-gritty and real.
Wondering, wavering & weaving wisdom between the worlds.
I tend to take to the road whenever something significant in my life is happening. And not just for me, for anyone I care about. Most recently it was a…

January 2023

Thank you for your patience! New years are slow starts for me. As I mentioned in my last post to you all, the date on the calendar may say, “New…
Hello my lovely friends! It’s time to welcome a new year. Well, whether we want to welcome it or not is a personal choice. Personally, I want to thank…

December 2022

And a slower, sweeter approach to life.
Reclaiming our hearts and holidays after prolonged isolation.