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Hello and welcome!

Maybe you have found your way here because you stumbled across a piece of my writing. If so, I am honored. I write from my bones, my heart, and my womb. I write what I feel, what I know, and what I have experienced or hope to.

Writing is… well, everything, but not quite, and yet so much.

If my words have touched you that means a lot to me. It means we have shared a moment connected through time and space by the power of words. Words convey feelings, history, poetry, passion, and power. It is the hope of we who write to transmit even an increment of what lives within us into something tangible for even a moment for that is magic.

A bit about me:

I’m an intuitive (cognitive) sculptor, a writer, and dare we say witch! I’m a mystic wanderer, wild-cultivator, and a dog-loving mountain momma. I am a daughter, sister, lover, mother, and grand mere. My granddaughters call me “Uma”, which is as family joke, but also one of the names of the divine feminine.

I write—prolifically! Often about what is happening in my inner worlds, my life, but in a larger context and in relationship to the Unseen, and the Mystery.

Writing has, for as long as I can remember, been the primary way I explore my own feelings and consciousness. Along the way—while honing my craft and excavating my voice—I have discovered that I have a gift for translating and articulating inner worlds and processes into prose that is a bit beautiful and occasionally useful.

I enjoy offering tips, based on my own experiences as well as 18 years of working professionally in the healing arts, on how to navigate our human/spiritual/psychological/ecological/mythical experience in ways that are grounded, practical, and playful. I love stories and mythology; always have.

And witchery is a way of life for me.

I weave all of that that into my writing, and this Substack is an intersection of my own intrapersonal musings, transpersonal healing work and, more than anything else—my vast love for life and this beautifully vivid, if sometimes brokenhearted world in which we live.

I do all of this for fun and profit, and maintain a private practice where I offer 1:1 sessions, live and online classes, and retreats in the heart of Montana. You can learn more about all of that at

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Justice Bartlett writes from the heart sharing her personal stories, dreams, myths, poetry, and tips for life and cultivating a relationship with the Mystery.


I am a writer and cognitive, intuitive sculptor with 16 years experience working professionally 1:1 and with groups. I write through the human spectrum: love, relationships, healing, cultural events, and the mythic nature of reality.