I’m Justice Bartlett, Bedhead Mystic.

What do I do here?

Well… to answer that let me tell you a little about me:

I’m a lover, a healer, a writer, a matriarch, and a consciousness provocateur. I do all of this for fun and profit. I maintain a private healing practice where I offer 1:1 sessions, live and online classes, and Wild Wisdom Retreats in the heart of Montana.

I write—prolifically! I also enjoy offering people tips on how to navigate our human/spiritual experience in ways that are grounded, practical, and playful.

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Justice Bartlett shares her views on life, love, relationships, spirituality, history, current events, and whatever tickles her fancy.


Justice Bartlett

I am a matriarch, witch, writer, retreat leader, and healer with 16 years experience working 1:1 and with groups. I write through the human spectrum: love, sex, relationships, trauma, addiction, creativity, healing, spirituality, and current events.