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You are so very wise! You did not get stuck in trying to recreate what was. Thanks for sharing with us.

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What a gift to read this on this morning. Thank you, Justice!

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As always your words are insightful, intelligent, thought and heart- inspiring, and a pleasure to read, absorb, and ponder.

Life is often unpredictable and surprising.

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Once again your words dance off the screen into my psyche and a Lotus opens wide and spills Het perfume into the infinite Ocean that rocks my Heart.

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So sorry it took me this long to read this amazing piece of change, and love. You are truly doing your work, just another aspect of it- healing with service in a different way. I love you working with these crones and I know they love you too. Taking care of people, any age, who need help is a humbling and yet rich experience. I never thought I would go into "healthcare", yet I embraced it day one and explored many facets in that world and also being able to care for loved ones when the time came. Much love to you Justice, and thank you.

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I love this jewel, Willow Woman. I remember spewing so much word vomit with would-be Friends. But friendship implies an equanimity that this kind of dumping denies.

A person has to learn the balance from those with the skill to nurture it. It took me three years of analysis, four years of psychology, seven years of Al-Anon and many other modes and models. I think I'm a slow learner. It never ends.

I'll shovel my sidewalk if you'll shovel yours;

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